What Causes Damage or Disease to Trees?

Having large trees on your property is certainly an advantage. Your house gets a lot of shade thus keeping it cool. This further helps you reduce your energy costs over the year. Moreover, having a garden increases the value of your property if you wish to sell your house. However, with large trees comes the responsibility of maintaining them in great health. Otherwise, tree removal Oakville may be needed. One of the ways you can keep your trees in good health is by knowing what factors cause damage or disease to them. Knowing this gives you the ability to avoid or prevent the effect of these factors. In this blog post, let’s take a quick look at these tree-damaging factors. 

Tree removal Toronto

Tree removal Toronto

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic factors (non-living factors) can greatly influence the health of trees. For example, deteriorating soil quality can prevent trees’ ability to absorb nutrients. This can affect the overall health of the tree making it prone to attacks from pests. The inability to absorb nutrients will affect the natural defences of trees thus increasing the risk of infestation and infection. 

Other abiotic factors such as too much heat, too much cold, prolong dry soil, lack of water, fire damage, chemicals, and more can affect the growth of trees. Although abiotic factors such as heat and cold aren’t under our control, you can still control the soil quality and use of chemicals to improve the condition. 

Biotic Factors

Biotic factors (living factors) are another reason for the deteriorating growth of plants. You have primary pests and secondary pests. Primary pests pose a higher risk of damage to the trees. These pests will cause infection and diseases that will increase the need for tree removal Barrie services. Secondary pests pose a lesser to no risk of infection and infestation. Some of these pests are regular feeders around the tree. 

tree removal StouffvilleYou can read our previous blog about common tree diseases to know the symptoms of infection in trees. Most of these diseases are caused by fungi, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and more. 

Bottom Line

Tree health is critical to maintaining your garden in good shape. Knowing the existence of abiotic and biotic factors that can affect tree growth will help you make an informed decision. 

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