Tree Removal Services Mississauga 5 Reasons for Stump Removal

Did you just get tree removal services Mississauga from a professional company? If so, you did make the right decision. However, what about the tree stump? Don’t you want to remove that also? At Attis Tree & Crane, we have seen several customers leaving the tree stump as is. However, our professional arborists suggest otherwise. Once you get tree removal services Mississauga, you must also get stump removal services right away. Tree Removal Services MississaugaYou might wonder why you should remove the tree stump. However, there are several good reasons to do that! 


Tree stumps can very quickly turn into an insect habitat. Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-loving insects make tree stumps their home. This can also easily spread to other plants in the region. Moreover, tree stumps also give ground for fungi to grow which can result in fungal diseases. 


Tree stumps are a hazard. They can become a quick way to trip and fall in the garden. Hence, getting stump removal services after tree removal services Mississauga is crucial. 

Waste of space

Tree stumps are just a waste of space. You can’t plant anything new in the area. The roots also take up space and will avoid the growth of anything new you try to plant. Hence, removing the stump is critical to planting new trees or lush green grass. 

Root damage

If you don’t get stump removal after tree removal services Mississauga, you are inviting more root damage. A tree stump means the roots are alive and will make use of valuable resources from the soil. Moreover, tree stump roots will damage any utility lines in the soil. They will also prevent the growth of other live plant roots. Hence, you must remove the tree stump as soon as the tree is removed. 


Let’s be honest! You can plant more beautiful plants and trees in your garden than just a tree stump. When it comes to aesthetics, tree stumps aren’t beautiful and add no value to the garden. Hence, removing them is usually the best thing to instantly enhance the look of your garden.

Tree Removal Services Mississauga

As you can see, removing the tree stump is crucial in many ways. And calling professionals is equally important. You can get tree stump removal services from us at Attis Tree & Crane. We cover everything under tree removal services Mississauga. With the right tools and equipment backed by ISA certification, our professionals deliver high-quality services in the region. 

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