Tree Removal Oakville – 5 Steps to Plant a New Tree

Did you opt for tree removal Oakville services? If so, you probably removed a sick, dying tree or a tree that would have caused damage to the property somehow. Now, once the damaged tree is removed, you might be interested in planting a new tree. If you are, you might want to read the following post to find out the right steps to plant a tree after tree removal Oakville. Tree Removal OakvilleAt Attis Tree & Crane, we not only remove dying, sick, or damaged trees but we also provide professional advice on tree care. We asked our professionals how to plant a tree effectively after tree removal Oakville services. Here’s what they had to say. 

Dig a hole

Start by digging a new hole at a new location on the property. The size of the hole should be similar to the size of the root ball in length and width. Don’t use glazed holes to plant a tree because it can disrupt the efficient growth of the tree roots. 

Check for proper drainage

Now that you have got tree removal Oakville, you might know that water logging causes damage to the tree, causing them to die. Hence, while planting a new tree, make sure to have a proper drainage system. The best way to check for drainage is by filling the hole with water and checking it the next day. If the water is still there, you have drainage issues. Either find a new spot to plant your tree or use a PVC pipe to direct the drainage to a lower area. 

Root ball preparation

Before you plant the new tree, make sure to prepare the root ball efficiently. Remove any burlap, plastic, wires, or ropes from the root ball. If the new plant was in a plastic container, make sure to remove the roots stuck on the plastic walls and turn them inwards to the root ball. Remove any extra soil off using a spade. 

Setting the plant in place

Don’t set the plant too deep in the hole. If you do this, the roots won’t have enough circulating air which will affect their growth. Also, always keep the trunk of the tree above the surface for better growth. You can fill the hole with dug-out soil, however, don’t add any fertilizer or sand. Use water to compact the soil effectively.

Tree Removal OakvilleMulching

The final step is mulching which includes layering a mix of soil and mulch in and around the plant. Also, don’t plant any grass over the mulch. This will affect the overall growth of the tree. 

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