Tree Removal in Toronto – 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Sick, dying, and damaged trees are a danger to the property and personnel. Hence, they must be removed as soon as possible with the help of high-quality tree removal in Toronto from a professional company. You can get in touch with us at Attis Tree & Crane to get professional, certified, and experienced tree removal in Toronto. With the right equipment and expertise, our professionals will remove the tree effectively. Tree Removal in TorontoApart from providing tree removal services, our professionals are also asked several questions regarding the tree removal process. Hence, we have curated answers to 5 frequently asked questions about tree removal in this post. Keep reading what our experts had to say. 

What is the general process to remove a tree?

The best way to perform tree removal in Toronto or anywhere is to cut the tree in sections from top to bottom with the right tools and equipment. This is the best approach to remove a tree to avoid damage to property or personnel. Also, at Attis Tree & Crane, we use a grapplesaw truck to remove larger trees without causing damage to anything on the ground. 

Does tree removal require a permit?

Yes, tree removal in Toronto does require a permit. Since it is a specialized industry that requires skills, permits are important and granted by the local municipalities. Therefore, when you are choosing a tree removal company, make sure to ask for a license and permit. 

What are the costs of tree removal?

The costs of tree removal services will depend on different factors. The major factors that determine the costs include the height, diameter, and location of the tree. Other factors include the accessibility and condition of the tree. The costs are also affected by things like whether you need stump grinding, what you plan to do with the trunks and branches, and more. 

Should I be at home during the tree removal process?

Not necessarily! If you can provide immediate access to the professionals to the property without you there, you don’t need to be at home.

Tree Removal in TorontoShould I remove the tree close to my house?

Usually, a tree close to your house offers you benefits. It can provide your house shade, beautify the property, and give you a beautiful view to wake up to. However, if the tree is sick, dying, damaged, its branches or leaves are falling on the roof, or roots are damaging the foundation, the tree must be removed. In this case, you can contact us at Attis Tree & Crane for specialized tree removal in Toronto. We use specialized equipment backed by IAS certification to effectively remove a tree.

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