Tree Removal Brampton – Signs That Indicate a Sick Tree

Do you have a big garden with several trees on the property? If so, you might already know that it is a hassle to maintain each tree in the best condition. And you certainly can’t control the forces of nature! Sometimes, the big trees get sick and fall which might be dangerous to the property and residents. Hence, you must opt for professional tree removal Brampton services when needed. Tree Removal BramptonAt Attis Tree & Crane, we always advise our customers to have an eye out for trees that are sick or dying. When caught in time, the tree can be removed safely with our professional tree removal Brampton services.

Since most people don’t know the symptoms of a sick tree, they miss out on those, and this results in major damage due to tree fall. So, to ensure this doesn’t happen with our customers, we have listed a few major symptoms of a sick tree below. 

Branch Symptoms

Fall/winter is the season when you see leaves falling from the tree and that is a natural process. However, if you notice leaves falling even during other seasons creating several bare branches, chances are the tree is sick. You might also find insect infestation. These branches can fall anytime causing major damage. Hence, you must get them removed as soon as possible. 

Root Symptoms

You might use lawnmowers to maintain the garden. But these lawnmowers can cause consistent damage to the roots of different trees. Waterlogging is another reason for the damage to tree roots. If you see fungal growth around the roots, the tree might be weak and fall anytime soon. In such a case, tree removal Brampton becomes crucial to avoid the sudden falling of trees. 

Bark Symptoms

Check the tree bark and notice if it is brittle or doesn’t cover the whole trunk of the tree. A sick tree will have a brittle bark that isn’t smooth. In contrast, a healthy tree will have a smooth coating of bark on the tree trunk. Moreover, the bark will be soft and pliable.

Tree Removal BramptonLeaf Symptoms

Each tree has a season when its leaves start falling off slowly and eventually give rise to new and healthy leaves. However, with a sick tree, leaves can start falling in any season and won’t give rise to new leaves. Even if there are dead leaves still attached to the tree, it is a sign that the tree is sick. 

If you notice such symptoms and other damage, tree removal Brampton will become imminent. And you might want to give us a call right away. Attis Tree & Crane professionals are certified and equipped with the latest tools to identify sick and dead trees effectively and perform tree removal Brampton.

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