Three Tips to Prepare Trees Before Winter

Fall weather is already here! You might have noticed that trees have started shedding their leaves and are preparing themselves for the long winter slumber to eventually blossom in the next spring. Now, if you have a garden with beautiful trees, you will want them to be efficiently ready before winter. If you find that a tree is diseased or dying, make sure to call tree removal Oakville services right away. That tree is not going to survive the harsh winter months. But healthy trees must be effectively prepared before winter. Here are the steps you can take to ensure that your trees blossom in the spring after winter. 

tree removal OakvilleKeep the Tree Surroundings Clean

Moving towards winter, you will experience winter rains and cold winds. This will cause the leaves to fall and gather around the tree. Removing these leaves, weeds, and other debris is best to ensure the roots get enough air to breathe. This will also ensure trees absorb enough nutrients for spring blossom. The main aim of cleaning the tree surrounding is to give trees a blank canvas to grow after winter. It will ensure that pores aren’t clogged and trees can absorb nutrients effectively. 

Increase Soil Nutrients with Mulching

Once you have cleaned the tree surroundings, you can lay down a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch. It will serve multiple purposes. Mulch will prevent water runoff and retain moisture. This will help the tree combat winter dryness. Mulch also prevents the growth of weeds allowing tree roots to absorb nutrients. 

Water the Tree Generously

After layering mulch, make sure to water the tree generously. Also, consider the age of the tree while watering. An older tree will have its roots deep inside the soil and might extend to a larger area horizontally. Hence, when watering older trees, increase your watering circumference. However, if it’s a newly planted tree, the tree roots aren’t deep enough, so make sure to water near the tree. While watering your trees, if you find a tree with loose roots, you can call tree removal Barrie services to determine whether the tree needs removal or not. 

tree removal TorontoWinter will be harsh and have a major impact on your garden trees. Hence, preparing them for winter for magnificent spring blossoms is necessary. For more information on this, you can get in touch with the arborists from us at Attis Tree & Crane. At Attis Tree & Crane, we provide tree removal Toronto, tree pruning, tree hedging, tree care services, and more. Our professional arborists are certified and experienced in providing our customers with the right services and advice. 

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