Premium Tree Services

Storm Services 24 hour emergency response

Tree services for hazardous and storm damaged trees. We work year-round in all weather and are available outside regular business hours for customers who need branches and trees removed quickly. Whether you have fallen branches blocking access to your property or a tree that poses a safety concern, we are available to respond quickly in many towns and cities in Ontario, such as Aurora, Oakville, Orangeville, Midland, Orillia, Mississauga, Toronto, & so on.


Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessments are performed by qualified Tree Risk Assessor’s accredited through the ISA. A certified arborist’s visual assessment of a tree’s health is invaluable. Having an assessment will determine if the tree must be removed to limit the potential impact to persons, property, and the environment. The assessment includes a suggested course of action for reducing the risk of problematic trees.
Attis Tree and Crane is committed to planting a tree for every tree that must be removed and have partnered with Ontario Forest.


Tree removal can be a dangerous task that a homeowner should not attempt. Statistically, considered one of the top 3 most dangerous jobs in Canada year after year. Attempting to remove a tree or branch yourself can create a hazardous situation.
Utilizing a Grapplesaw truck and arboricultural techniques Attis Tree and Crane will safely and efficiently remove your hazardous trees, big or small, dead or alive.

Lot clearing

If you need your property cleared of trees and shrubs for a new building project our team can get the job done quickly for you. Careful planning is required to ensure the health of protected plant species. Our team has the skills, equipment, and experience to handle lot clearing tasks of all sizes whether commercial or residential.


If there is one service that is overlooked, it is pruning. In the 1800’s, John Davey, tree expert recognized the health benefit trees get from pruning, and we have done so ever since. Ask James, for an Arborist Consultation if you’re unsure what pruning can do for you. Pruning can encourage growth, let in sun to photosynthesize, mitigate risk of overweight branches, remove dead wood hazards, encourage bigger brighter flowers, and encourage better roots and allow greater air flow.

Stump Grinding

Done well…no messing around here. With our 35 HP hydraulic machine, turn your stump into a rooting medium for your next tree or shrub to be installed and naturally fertilized while maintaining the moisture needed.