Planting a New Tree? Consider These 4 Factors!

Tree removal Barrie

Tree removal Barrie

Did you just get professional tree removal Oakville services for your garden property? If so, you might have removed a diseased, dead, or damaged tree. What do you intend to do with the empty space? Do you want to plant a new tree in the same spot? If yes, have you considered the factors of planting a new tree? If not, you are not alone! Several homeowners who get a tree removed either left the space empty or planted a random tree in the hope that it will grow. But sometimes, this doesn’t work! It would help if you considered certain factors before you plant a new tree in the same spot. Here’s what you should check. 

Stump Removal

Before you plant a new tree in the same spot, you first need to consider whether the stump of the previous diseased, dead or damaged tree has been removed. If not removed, any disease or infection from the stump will infect your new tree and affect its growth. Moreover, the stump will still consume all the nutrients from the nearby region affecting the growth of the new tree. Hence, ensure the tree removal Barrie company also removes the stump.

Root System of the Tree

The next factor you need to consider is the type of root system the new tree has. If the tree has shallow roots, the best time to plant it is in the fall season. This includes trees like maple, pines, elm, buckeye, and several other deciduous trees. Whereas if the root system of the tree is extensive, it will thrive in spring. This includes trees like the tulip, willow, bald cypress, and more. 

Overall Climate

Always consider the overall climate of the location or region when planting the new tree. If the overall climate of the region is warm, you might want to plant the new tree in the fall season. This will prevent the adverse effects of heatwave on the new tree. However, if the climate of the region is colder, spring will be the best season to plant a new tree. 

Tree removal Toronto

Tree removal Toronto

Hardiness Zone

Canada and the United States are divided into different hardiness zones by the Plant Hardiness Zones. This classification is based on the temperature of the region. Different trees will grow differently depending on the hardiness zone. So, get to know the hardiness zone of your region before your plant the new tree. 

Now that you know the different factors to consider before planting a new tree, you can begin working on the same. If you need professional assistance from arborists, you can get in touch with us at Attis Tree and Crane. 

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