Newmarket Tree Removal – 7 Steps to an Efficient Process

Having a garden property with trees of different sizes is a major responsibility. As a property owner, you need to ensure that each tree is healthy and doesn’t pose any danger to the property and personnel. Although you can remove a small tree, you must call a professional Newmarket tree removal company in the region. You can get in touch with us at Attis Tree & Crane for efficient and certified Newmarket tree removal services. Our professionals use the right tools and equipment to remove the tree without causing any damage to the property and personnel. Newmarket Tree RemovalHowever, whether you try to remove a small tree on your own or call a professional, knowing the process for Newmarket tree removal is crucial. Read on to find the 7 steps of tree removal. 

Area clearance

When you cut a tree, it will fall on the ground. There must be enough space for it to fall. Hence, clear the immediate area to reduce the damage. You can determine the area for clearance by the height of the tree. 

Tree Examination

Examine the tree for infection or damage. If there is infection or damage, the tree will collapse without warning in any direction. If you don’t find any such damage, notice the direction in which the tree leans naturally. The tree will fall in that direction. 

Know the Escape Route

A tree can collapse without warning. If you notice this happening, make sure to have an escape route prepared to run. 

Have the Right Equipment

For efficient Newmarket tree removal, make sure to have the right equipment. A small tree can be removed using a handsaw. However, trees with wider trunks will require a power chainsaw. 

Make an Undercut

Once you know the direction the tree will fall, you can start making an undercut. Start by making a V-cut in the bottom of the tree at an angle of 45°. This cut should be made in the direction of the tree fall.

Newmarket Tree RemovalCreate a Back Cut

Stand on the opposite side of the undercut and make a back cut. Cut straight through the tree trunk two inches above the undercut. 

Stand Out of the Way

Finally, yell “Timber” when the tree starts to fall. This is done to warn others who might be standing in harm’s way. 

Newmarket tree removal steps are complicated and daunting. Hence, you should leave it to experts such as our professionals at Attis Tree & Crane. Our experts will strategize the tree removal process to ensure efficient removal and less to no damage to the property. 

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