4 Common Tree Diseases You Should Keep an Eye Out For!

Having a garden full of beautiful trees is a major responsibility. An immense amount of upkeep is required to maintain these trees in the best shape. However, sometimes trees get infected with tree diseases deteriorating their health over time. If you find a heavily diseased tree in your garden that is beyond recovery, you must call for professional tree removal Oakville services.tree removal TorontoBut do you know the different types of diseases common among Canadian trees? In this blog, we will tell you the 4 most common tree diseases infecting Canadian trees. 

Black Knot

If you have stone fruit trees such as cherry, almond, plum, or apricot, you must keep an eye out for Black Knot disease. This disease is a silent creeper and the visible symptoms after it has already infected your tree. However, you must always keep a lookout for knots forming on the branches. These knots eventually get darker in colour and bigger in size. You must prune the branches 10 cm below the knot to ensure that it doesn’t spread more on the tree.

Apple Scab

Canada has several apple and crab apple trees. If your garden has this tree, you must know about apple scab disease. You can notice the invasion of apple scabs on leaves and fruits. You will see spots on the leaves and apples which will turn black. Moreover, the tree will start losing leaves and fruits in early summertime. The best way to get rid of this disease is to remove any infected leaves and apples. However, if the tree is beyond salvage, it is best to call for professional tree removal Barrie services. You might have to take this tough decision in the interest of other trees. 

Dutch Elm Disease

Fungal spores carried by Elm Bark Beetles are responsible for Dutch Elm disease in elm trees. The infection spreads rapidly. The leaves start to turn yellow and shrivel, eventually falling off the tree. Tree Removal OakvilleIf you find your Elm trees affected by this disease, you must call for professional tree experts who can apply fungicide on your tree to prevent it from getting more infected. 

Tar Spot

As compared to the three diseases mentioned above, tar spot disease is not as dangerous. It is fairly easy to treat. Usually, you will see tar spot disease on leaves when it starts to show yellowish spots that begin to spread and get darker. The best way to treat this disease is to remove the infected leaves by pruning and raking. Now, if you want pruning or tree removal Toronto services to tackle these diseases, you can call us at Attis Tree & Crane. 

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